Implementation of olive plantations and olive mills for olive oil

Olive grove

Olive grove

Land analysis and design the right olive plantation

Design and installation of complete irrigation system

Installation of sensors, equipments and programs for an ef cient irrigation process and with remote control

Offer of olive tree plants produced by propagation in peat substrate and paperpot format

Offer of synthetic stakes for olive tree plantations

Offer of olive tree protectors and all the elements for trellis plantations

Carrying out olive plantation process thanks to olive plantation machines guided by GPS

Technical management of the olive grove: nutrition plan, pests and diseases control, pruning, harvesting, etc.

Offer of special fertilizers for olive trees

Offer of olive tree sprayers for leaves treatments

Offer of over the row olive tree harvesters in SHD plantations

Offer of olive tree shakers for harvesting olives, with or without umbrella, self-propelled or coupled to tractor

Offer olive tree branche shaker for harvesting olives run with diesel

Offer of electric olives harvester coupled to battery’s

Offer of special nets for harvesting olives

Offer of machines to easily pick up nets with olives and storage in tow

Offer of olive cleaner machines placed in the olive grove

Offer of olive tows to transport harvested olives

Offer of mulching machines for pruned branches

Offer of turn-key olive trees nurseries

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Olive Mill

Olive Mills

Engineering for complete design of olive oil mills and olive pomace refineries

Offer of equipments for cleaning and whasing harvested olives

Offer of hoppers, conveyor belts, endless screw to transport olives

Offer of complete olive oil extraction lines (from crusher to vertical centrifuge)

Offer of automatisation solutions to control and improve all the olive mill components

Offer of pumps to transfer olive oil, olive pulp and olive pomace

Offer of stainless steel tanks to store olive oil

Offer of solutions to remote control the level of the olive oil in the storage tanks

Offer of complete olive oil lling, capping and labelling lines, from automatized to semi-manual

Offer of filters for olive oil, soil filters and plate filters

Offer of biomass boilers for olive mills

Offer of laboratory equipments (NIR analyzer, Abencor analyzer, oxystester analyzer, etc.)

Offer of talc dispenser and micro-talc for use in the malaxer

Offer of pulp-stone separator machines

Offer of olive oil weigher machine

Offer of olive pomace drier installations and pomace olive extractor by hexane

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Table olive mills

Table olive mills

Engineering for complete design of table olive mills

Offer of reception and pre-sorting by caliber and colour machines for table olives

Offer of tanks for boiling and fermentation process

Offer of sorting olive machines by caliber

Offer of depitting, slicing and stuf ng olives machines

Offer of complete table olive packing lines in several formats

Offer of assistance and teaching in the table olive production process

Olive oil

Olive oil

Offer of an advice service in olive oil business for new investors

Offer to design olive oil brands

Offer in glass and PET bottles, tins, labels, closures and capsules for olive oil

Offer in creating and forming an olive taster pannel

Offer to develop a marketing and selling plan for olive oil in the international and local market

Offer of a service to produce olive oil and prepare a specific olive oil depending of the customer or the market requirements, making olive oil coupages

Biomass from olive oil process

Biomass from olive oil process

Add value to olive pomace from olive mills with solutions for:

  • Complete lines to produce olive stone from olive pomace to use it as fuel in biomass boilers or stoves

  • Complete lines to produce pomace olive oil by chemical process

  • Solutions to produce compost using olive pomace and olive leaves

  • Solutions to produce animal feeding from olive pomace

Solutions to add value to the pruning residues

  • Offer of mulching machines for pruning residues and weeds to add organic material to the soil

Trading in olive stone, dried olive pomace in pellet, raw and re ned pomace olive oil

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